Get Training to Become a Veterinary Assistant!

This program is designed to instruct the student in the professional field of Veterinary Assisting. The program will encompass the administrative and clinical duties for the veterinary assisting professional setting.

The student will learn skills such as:

  • Monitor animals recovering from surgery and notify veterinarians of any unusual changes or symptoms
  • Clean and maintain kennels, animal holding areas, examination or operating rooms, or animal loading or unloading facilities to control the spread of disease
  • Hold or restrain animals during veterinary procedures
  • Assist with administration of medication, immunizations, or blood plasma to animals as prescribed by veterinarians. Assist qualified personnel who administer anesthetics during surgery and monitor the effects on animals.
  • Provide emergency first aid to sick or injured animals
  • Assist veterinarians in examining animals to determine the nature of illnesses or injuries
  • Clean, maintain, and sterilize instruments or equipment
  • Perform routine laboratory tests or diagnostic tests, such as taking or developing x-rays
  • Prepare surgical equipment and pass instruments or materials to veterinarians during surgical procedures
  • And more

This core group of courses is designed to give the student quality education in this field in a relatively short period of time.

 Employment opportunities include:

  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Certified Veterinary Assistant
  • Kennel Technician
  • Animal Care giver
  • Animal Care Provider
  • Kennel Attendant

This program is designed for 35 weeks (30 weeks full-time externship, 35 weeks part-time externship. Full-time/part-time externship is site dependent).  Participation in externship in no way implies or suggests employment for the student. Externship without remuneration is required for this program.

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